I close my eyes, and open my mind,
then I see the roads that wind.
These roads they share a common land,
but on only one may I stand.

Not knowing on which success dust lie,
only knowing that I must try.
To find the road on which I must roam,
that leads me to my happy home.

Roads of many fires blaze,
accomplish hopes in many ways.
Listen to hear what my heart says,
wondering for so many days.

Midnight choices, hearing voices,
like raindrops on the ground it moistens.
In my head and in my soul,

I long to feel completely whole.
I never want for anything less,
than what I feel is happiness.

All the things that I desire,
and my hopes that they all transpire,
all lead back to the roads ahead,
and the many dreams inside my head.
This was my first "real" poem.
It's also one of the few that are truly and completely about me.