Ocean Flow
I want to run on the beach,
with my life in my hand.
To feel the sea and breeze wash over,
as we make love in the sand.

The cool air all around us,
smells salty, but light and fresh.
It joins intoxicatingly,
with the heavy and warm pleasures of the flesh.

Hands move over bodies,
in a caressing glide.
Lips press hard,
making the power grow inside.

Folding back the layers of concealment,
finding each other's truness.
Touching, feeling the erotic contact,
and its pleasurable pain in fullness.

Wet and hot bodies joining,
not caring how.
Forgetting time, the world disappearing,
only hearing and feeling the lustful sounds and breaths of now.

Rolling in the flames,
of the explosion far beyond.
Deep inside, the minds touch,
held together by their bond.

Bodies straining, jerking,
muscles pulling tight.
Following the uncontrollable rhythm,
rushing toward the beating, pounding light.

Power surging throughout,
in a repeated fulfilling burst.
The only thing able to quench,
the overwhelming thirst.

The ocean crashes over us,
washing away its path.
Laying still, side by side,
bodies cooling in its bath.
I'm not too fond of most of my early poems.
It's not quite so much that I think they're bad, as such,
I just feel that they are emotionally beneath me, now.