Evil Light
Light falls in the darkness, but it does not fall alone.
For as light falls, as does color and the prejudice that is
bound to it by evil in the minds of men.
The evil that creates hate, envy, and greed.
The hate that makes one see the other as the enemy.
The envy that makes one want what he sees is not his.
The greed that makes one want all that he sees.
For sight induces the evil creations, so remove all light
and let the darkness expand, and within it love and
care will grow to become man and woman's means of
vision, therefor allowing one to see the other as a friend
and not an enemy.
One may stroke all equally.
Any man and woman may make love to one another in
total freedom and caring.
A new light will be created where people may be shielded
from hate, envy, and greed so that they may live in peace.
Think about what things would seem less important to you if you could not see anything at all.