Your Mystery
The moon is up, the sun is down,
I listen to the silence, no one's around.

I turn to see you, a face so fair,
to speak softly to you, but you're not there.

I can't find you, where have you gone,
I look for your movement, I see none.

I run into the forest, shadowed nearby,
you've told me you liked it, but still I don't know why.

Slowly I walk, carefully I listen,
a clue to your presence, what am I missing.

Not worried nor scared, just eager to find you,
just to be close, just to be with you.

Up above, the moon, glowing full,
stars are out, breeze so cool.

Thinking of us, standing under the light,
wanting to be near you, together tonight.

I call your name, wait for a reply,
birds awaken, take to the sky.

I call you again, and again look around,
a familiar howl of a wolf, the only sound.
Yes.  She turned into a wolf.