There is no light, no sound, so how can I say what I know and see?
Another universe that is pitch black.  No suns, no planets, no stars.
Just empty.  Completely empty, except for what I know is there.
Bodies.  Bodies floating in a void.
An infinite number of bodies that don't move, don't drift.
That don't make sound.
Each body contains a mind.  A mind that knows no bounds.  Happy minds.
Each mind communicates.  Not through words, but through emotions.
Empathic minds.
They share thoughts.
Continuously astounding each other with the infinite possibilities
of their imaginations.
An array of colors and sounds.
But how do I know?  There is no light, no sound.
I cannot see them or hear them, but still I know.
I know because possibilities are infinite.
A pondering.