People are scarce tonight;
couple of cars drive by, pass one person.

Walking down an empty sidewalk;
I'm sure it's passed midnight.

All the stores are closed,
and their lights are dim.

Thunder rumbles and the cool breeze keeps blowing,
it starts to sprinkle and no stars are out.

I turn up the collar of my coat,
and it gets a little colder.

A little windier,
and a little wetter.

It rains harder;
cold drops hit me in the face.

There's nothing to stand under,
so I walk faster.

Lightening strikes lighting the city for an instant;
it actually looked pleasant for a second.

Splashing into puddles;
I can feel the water seeping in.

How can brand new shoes leak?
that I'll never understand.

Another flash of lightening,
cancels out the lamp lights.

Cups and leaves blow by,
and spiral around then away again.

Another harder gust blows,
and a wet page of newspaper slaps against my leg.

Cursing the inconvenience,
I bend down to peel it from me.

As the lightening strikes,
a movement in the alley catches my eye.

I look, but there is nothing;
only darkness.

I removed the rest of the torn newspaper,
then raised to continue walking.

The sound of a movement grabbed my attention,
I slowly went to investigate.

Carefully, I entered the shadows of the alley;
unknowing of what I might find.

A faint pair of eyes came into view,
and stared back at me.

As if the lightening heard my thoughts,
it flashed and allowed me to see.

A person sitting in a side-turned box,
trying to keep dry.

A girl, hugging her bent legs;
with eyes that want to cry.

During the split-second flash,
she saw me as well.

Then she looked down,
and rested her head on her knees.

When the light subsided,
she disappeared in the darkness.

I took a few quick steps forward,
until I could see her outline.

She was looking at me again;
one eye said help, and the other said leave me.

I went closer,
and again she looked away.

I knelt down before her,
and put my hand on her shoulder.

She did not look up;
just sat shivering.

She had no coat,
just her soaked jeans, shoes, and shirt.

I put my hand under her chin,
and lifted her head.

She has a beautiful face;
young, smooth with rain rolling down.

Long hair to the middle of her back,
and black, though maybe only because it's wet.

The look in her eyes says clearly,
that she needs someone to love her.

As we were reading each other's minds,
a few tears mixed with the rain.

She slowly let go of her legs,
and wrapped her arms around me.

I stroked her head,
and knew I was the one.

I felt her tremble,
she knows she's got someone.

I let go and took off my coat,
and wrapped it around her shoulders.

We stood up,
and slowly walked home in the rain.
I don't really have anything to say about this one.