Wild Thing
You look me straight in the eye,
give me a snarl and a growl,
then grab me by the shirt and throw me on the floor.

You land on top of me,
and rip off my clothes,
there's definitely a quality in I can't possibly ignore.

Scratch my chest,
with red, polished, claw-like nails,
and you're expecting me to give you the satisfaction you're striving for.

Spread your glistening, red lips,
and show your shining, white teeth,
playfully biting my flesh making me want more.

Move your hands over my body,
and squeeze my muscles,
then stare me in the eye, slide out your tongue, and let it explore.

Attack my face with yours,
and almost suck off my mouth,
if unchained ravishings received points, you'd surely score.

Every inch of you does wonders,
I can't open my eyes,
my clothes are already in shreds, so it must have been yours that tore.

Before I know it I blow my stack,
and you go down screaming,
just when I think its over I see your vicious grin, and you growl one thing more.