Trying To Make Up The Distance
From the bottom of this cliff's side,
I see, above, your body swaying in the breeze.
I try to climb this wall of pride,
I try to beg you please.

You're out of my reach,
and I'm feeling your pain.
I want to practice what I preach,
and cleanse myself of this stain.

You keep trying to help me,
but are driven away.
I want to change what you see,
but it's hard to say.

We gradually grow apart,
I know you want to stay together.
Again attempt a new start,
and again hope it will be better.

I look at myself in the mirror,
for you I am not fit.
I see the corners of your eyes shimmer,
you hurt, but you do not quit.

You have a strong will,
and a lot of patience.
Mine is weak still,
but we try to build its substance.

Take it day by day,
try again and again.
Hope we find a way,
and a perfect love in the end.
Good poem, but it was written before I had any specific thoughts on exactly what love is.
Now, I'm not particularly fond of the use of the word, in this poem.