I Love Your Face II
I look deep into your eyes,
against the night,
they shine so bright.

I touch your cheek,
you let me in,
and we begin,
we come together as we spin.

I'm alive together with you.

I see deep,
inside of you,
the ocean blue.

And we feel so secure,
in starlit sky,
emotions high,
a feeling that will never die.

Always I will never leave you.

I see a vision of you standing,
in the rain,
and in no pain.

I put my hand on your shoulder,
then you turn to me,
and say softly,
how wonderful your life can be.

It's wonderful that I have you.

I sleep by the ocean,
laying in the sand,
holding your hand.

And you lay beside me,
looking to the sky,
wanting to cry,
emotions soar 'cause I'm nearby.

Tears of joy because I'm with you.

I awaken in time,
to see your tear,
dropping clear.

And as I look at you,
I see you smile,
in joyous style,
close your eyes and we kiss a while.

Never to leave as I kiss you.
I still had some left in me from the first one, and I felt it could be done a little bit differently.