Tears And Fears
He says she's got to stay at home,
and can't go out unless she goes alone.

If he's not with her,
she can't see her friends.
He's got a leash on her,
that never ends.

Always the same.
Never to change.

She dreams of what it's like to be,
someplace where she can be alive a free.

Some other place,
where she can breathe.
Lift up her face,
feel free to leave.

But it's always the same.
Never to change.

Afraid to look into the mirror,
to see the scars from the words thrown to her.

Curls up at night,
hiding her tears,
from his sight.
It's one of her fears.

Always the same.
Why doesn't it change?

She's all alone in her life,
he thinks she's his 'cause she's his wife.

She wants some control,
to scream and shout.
To rebuild her soul,
and find a way out.

He is to blame.
When will it change?

Afraid of what he might do,
but got to find a way to make it through.

Got to be strong,
to make it right.
You've got to last long,
to win this fight.

Put him to shame.
Make it change.

Stand up tall and stake your claim,
tell him it is not going to be the same.

Take your control,
spell it all out.
Turn loose your soul,
let it all out.

Always the same.
Never again.
Inspired by, and sort of written to, the song, "Woman In Chains", by Tears For Fears.