Something More
You were an outcast,
in that small town.
They were demeaning,
and they got you down.

When they looked at you,
all they saw was trouble.
Black leather jacket,
deep purple hair.
You kept it combed straight,
but they didn't care.

I was in the store,
when I saw you for the first time.
You didn't quite have enough money,
you asked someone if you could borrow a dime.

When they just looked at you and walked away,
things went through my mind.
I felt so bad,
when they were so unkind.

I walked over,
and handed you the money.
And the man at the counter,
looked at me funny.

Astonished as he was,
he still took it.
I could tell by his look,
he wasn't happy about it.

You looked at me,
then a little smile.
Then you thanked me,
you didn't seem so wild.

You can tell a lot about a person,
by looking them in the eye.
And when I looked into yours,
I almost wanted to cry.

When I first moved to that town,
they had trouble accepting me.
I eventually grew to suit them,
appeared to be what they wanted me to be.

I remained the same inside,
and felt bad for myself.
I couldn't be me,
couldn't express myself.

I wanted someone special in my life,
who would like the real me.
But that is what,
I couldn't let them see.

Then I saw you,
and that's when I knew.
You were someone with whom,
I could be true.

I helped you out with your bags,
you offered to pay me back.
Of course I refused,
then handed you your sack.

I asked to see you again,
and you looked surprised.
Then you looked in my eyes,
and realized.

I was different,
there was more to me.
There was something there,
that you wanted to see.

We went for a walk,
later that day.
Talked about each other,
and had a lot to say.

We reached your house hours later,
and you asked me in.
You were grateful to me,
that I had become your friend.

We talked some more,
had a bite to eat.
Went to the couch,
to put up our feet.

The moon shone through the window,
and you turned off the light.
Something had started,
and we fell in love that night.

You were the one I'd been waiting for,
and you still are.
My search ended that night,
and I wait no more.

Rejected by that town,
we both moved away.
Happy to leave,
we couldn't have stayed.

We went far away,
and lived a new life together.
We don't know why it happened,
just that we saved each other.

There's somebody for everybody,
and they'll probably find them.
If they don't look to hard,
they'll eventually meet them.

I waited patiently,
gave it some time.
Then I found you,
and it cost only a dime.
You can thank Marvel Comics' Psylocke for my attraction to purple hair.  :)

Though, now, I will accept only hair that is it's natural color.
I don't care for the falsity of hair dyes or highlights and such.