The Realized Optimist
You loved me once with starlit eyes,
but somewhere it all went wrong.
No longer shall I be your prize,
for that distant light is gone.
Together forever is what I thought,
that we would never part.
Never once did I ever think,
that another would come along.

As easily as you held my hand,
you let it drop away.
I stood in awe and still I stand,
thinking these things that I can't say.
I can't bring myself to talk to you,
or even look you in the face.
I still can't believe what just happen,
and in this spot I'll stay.

After only two minutes of conversation,
you turned and looked at him.
And without even the smallest bit of hesitation,
you got up and left with him.
I guess that wasn't really love before,
I guess I just wanted it to be.
And those starlit eyes I saw of yours...
well, that neon sign is a little dim.
This poem is about letting fascination get the better of you.

Take care not to presume someone's feelings about you.