Cry For You
From troubled times,
your forgotten faith.
Is in your mind,
an unseen wraith.

Thoughts misled,
actions misread.
When your spirit falls,
and lies almost dead.

When life offers you pain,
and you take it within.
You feel the blade,
of sorrow plunge in.

Problems and fears,
I'll yield you tears.
As part of you,
within me sears.

I'll sympathize,
the times you're sad.
And realize,
when things get bad.

I'll comfort you,
in your times of need.
When your soul is hurt,
and your wounds bleed.

I'll wish you well,
when troubles dwell.
To be removed,
from your prison cell.

I'll feel within you,
your sadness brew.
I'll sympathize,
I'll cry for you.

In your despair,
my tears will roll.
They'll fall within,
your injured soul.

I'll hold you,
and your uneasy mind.
And together,
your happiness we'll find.

I'll remain,
until your tears dry.
I'll sympathize,
for you I'll cry.