Get Wet
Coming out of the pool,
after you've been swimming.
walking toward me,
with your body shimmering.

Laying in the sand,
after a dip in the ocean.
Rolling off of you,
it moves in slow motion.

I love to see you wet.
Even when you're working out,
and dripping with sweat.

Standing under a waterfall,
with your fingers in your hair.
Shining sun,
and the water's glare.

Stepping out of the shower,
you continue to drip.
Licking the drop,
about to fall from your lip.

I love to see you wet.
It's what you like to be,
and what you like to get.

You love the feel of water,
and I love to feel it on you.
Our motto is get wet and enjoy it,
then again when we're through.

Run our hands across each other,
and move it all around.
The feel of every drop on our bodies,
and the sensation as it rolls down.

I love to see you wet.
We both love to be wet.
Standing in the rain,
it's what we like to get.
This is one where the idea is better than the poem itself.