Pressures mounting up from all around.
No release,
just constant sound.

Left and right people fight.
Tension string,
pulled very tight.

People here, people there.
Car horns,
the annoying blare.

Voices shout, I can do without.
People's noise,
won't die out.

Through the window,
I hear it all.
A wall of mayhem,
that doesn't fall.

I clench my fists,
and close my eyes.
Grit my teeth,
to hold in cries.

My mind races forward,
my surroundings pass in a blur.
Things slowly become quiet,
as I go further.

Everything goes black,
as the silence falls.
And my mind breaks through,
the conscience walls.

In the subconscience void,
one direction of flight.
Moving passed stars,
then a rush of light.

I hear wind blowing in my ears,
and I'm running very fast.
Every time I breathe,
It comes out with a blast.

I'm on a long stretch of land,
with a cliff at the end.
And running straight for it,
my whole body feels the wind.

My legs pump hard,
and I feel my heart pound.
As my tension leaves,
the wind makes less of a sound.

My head is almost clear,
as I reach the end of the cliff.
And as I leap from the edge,
my body is no longer stiff.

Into the air,
and through the sky.
High above the ocean,
I continue to fly.

I hear no people or cars,
just a slight breeze.
No worries or cares,
just flying with ease.

I let out a shout of freedom,
as I move toward the ocean below.
Watch it move,
its crash and flow.

Flying quickly,
level with the water.
I lower my hand,
and touch it with my finger.

Water splashes my face,
and I laugh out loud.
Then turn on my back,
and look at the clouds.

In line with the shore,
over the beach.
Move up and down,
the sand in and out of reach.

I return to the sky,
and over the land.
Never to stop,
and never to stand.

An entire planet,
with no other person but me.
And not a single manmade creation,
as far as the eye can see.

The sounds are all natural,
nothing annoying to hear.
And breathe easy all day,
because the air is clear.

I feel a touch on my shoulder,
and everything's back again.
Then an onrush of noise,
wears the air thin.
I think this one can speak for itself.