For Yourself
Don't lower your head,
in disgrace.
Just because you're not,
ahead of the race.

So far from me,
in another world.
You must always see,
that your not helpless.

Open your mind,
and look around.
You don't need the fortune,
just your feet on the ground.

Leave behind,
all of your pain.
Start with a new outlook,
and you can do it.

Your head is spinning,
you can't see straight.
You're dazzled by your freedom,
and you can't wait.

Jump in with both feet,
enjoy your new life.
And all that you see,
is special.

Your sorrow is gone,
your problems no more.
You wait in anticipation,
for what is in store.

Live how you want,
and use what you've got.
A better life is coming,
and it's yours.
True wealth comes not in having more, but instead in wanting less.

or something like that