Everything She Does
We run to the sound,
she pulls my hand.
We see the people,
and a party in the sand.

People moving,
to a drum's beat.
Other instruments start playing,
and people move their feet.

Among the palms,
all are invited.
They see us watching,
and all are delighted.

High upon sticks,
fires burn.
They shed a glowing light,
as the day turns.

We run to join,
amidst all the laughter.
A few singing here and there,
and the ocean rolls after.

An island paradise,
with a party on the beach.
Always someone to dance with,
and refreshment within reach.

All natural music,
no electric additives.
A time to live it up,
and toss the mental sedatives.

She always makes me happy,
I couldn't ask for more.
Everything she does,
is what I live for.
You know, now that I read this again,
that last stanza seems very outof place with the rest of the poem.

I think the title of the poem my be the only thing keep it all from sounds completely messed up.