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Half Face
Half Face

This picture I look upon almost as a logo for myself.

A lot of my earlier work was of eyes and faces.

This is an original.

The Mask
The Mask

I'm rather proud of this one not so much for the art itself, but for the twist.

This, too, is an original.

Kiss original image
Kiss / original

This is one of my favorites, not only for the pose, but also for just how well it turned out.

This is a "modification" of an existing picture from a magazine.

The significant changes are what they are laying on and the fact that I gave him long hair.

Sam 1 original image
Sam 1 / original

This is "modification" of a picture of Samantha Mathis that was in an issue of BIKINI magazine,

which, BTW, has very little to do with swimsuits, for those who did not know.

The picture does seem to lack a little something, but, overall, I'm pleased.

Sam 2 original image
Sam 2 / original

Another Samantha Mathis "modification" of a picture from the same BIKINI magazine.

I don't really have any feelings towards this one. It's okay, but doesn't quite please me.

Bodysuit original image
Bodysuit / original

This one is nothing major.  It just happened to be an opportunistic picture.

The "modification" is supposed to turn her into a sort of comic book heroine.

Freefalling From Innocence original image
Freefalling From Innocence / original

This is one of my prize pictures. Sadly, it doesn't reproduce well, because of its intended precision.

The best reproduction I ever managed to make of it was using an older model copier.

Her alias is Freefall, from the comic book Gen13.

I sent them a copy of the picture, and they were kind enough to send me a cool postcard thanking me.

(click the links to view the FRONT and BACK of the postcard)

I wanted to do similar style pictures of all the other character, but I could find no sufficiently usable pictures in the issues I had.

Drip original image
Drip / original

Gimme a break.  I never had an official name for it. :)

Anyway, a "modification" of part of a picture by Boris Vallejo.  (cropped version presented)

I made two versions. One is curved and the other is sharp. Also, I never got around to cleaning up the scan.


I love this picture.

I was trying to draw a picture using only straight lines, without it looking too abstract or cubist, which is harder than you might think.

It was not until I later tried to draw a few other pictures, in a similar fashion, that I realized how amazing it is that this one turned out so well.

The picture should be solid black lines, but the resizing process blurred them.

The larger version is still quite nice, and the grayness even works for it, though the eye kind of stands out.

The Kiss
The Kiss

This one was done with the same method as the one above.

Actually, this one was done some time earlier than the one above,

but what I was going for, here, was something fairly significant while using as few lines as possible.

The "a little saying a lot" principle.

It's not quite as powerful as I originally hope, but I still think it's a cool picture.

Resizing blurred the lines of this picture, as well.

Conrad original image
Conrad / original

This is something I saw in the color variances of a carpet.

Well, actually, it was just the eyes I saw, then I drew the rest to fit.

SheiResa of Silverwolf Designs was kind enough to make my crappy original look wonderful.

If you haven't already, you should go check out her work.

Head Funny Face
Head / Funny Face

The hair, the pose, the facial expression all just screamed comic book character.

The second one is the same female, and I just love the face she's making, though all you can see is what I did to it.

Who is this chick, anyway?


Inspired by those tacky silver nude female silhouettes on some mud flaps, I came up with this idea.

In the 3-D world, two or more could serve as an sort of gargoyle type statues.

Also, with a change in the direction of the hair, it could hang upside down.


It's a mask that looks (or is supposed to look) 3-D.  I didn't clean up the scan.


What I did was draw a person's face in only black and white determining light and shadow.

It was a picture of a real person, but the interesting thing is that while the person was a female, this image looks decidedly male.

And if you're wondering about the title, it's the female's name, thought it also works well with the picture looking like a male and it having a somewhat military feel.

Sketchbook (a.k.a. my earlier crap)
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