High Rolling Drifter
He walks into town again,
his suit has nary a spot.
Looking at his gold watch,
he likes it a lot.

He's got a smile,
that would never subside.
It takes up almost his whole face,
it's so wide.

He walks about,
in a confidant stride.
He feels good about himself,
but doesn't overdo pride.

He's always out,
looking for fun.
He thinks back with pleasure,
on all the women he's won.

He just looks at the girls,
not a word said.
And grins happily,
when their faces blush red.

The married women in this town,
they don't like him very well.
There's even one or two,
who think he should go to Hell.

Women who fear for their daughters' innocence,
Because of his enchanting smile and all.
They probably wouldn't mind seeing him,
blindfolded against a wall.

He flashes about his roll of twenties,
and the bachelorettes grow near.
But for some strange, unknown reason, (HA!)
he and the hookers seem to disappear.

He comes back after a while,
like new, strikes up a conversation.
While the hooker sits in the corner smiling,
with almost no sense of observation.

He later announces he'll be leaving soon,
moving on to another town.
But few know that the reason he's leaving,
is because almost all the girls are women now.
Not one of my better poems.
It's one I try not to think about too much.