What You Did
One man lives,
the other will die.
You don't care,
you lived your lie.

You think it's over,
you've had your fun.
Now you leave,
your job is done.

You turn away,
hear the man cry.
On his knees,
asking you why.

You can't walk,
you've got to look back.
You finally see light,
in a world so black.

You look in his eyes,
you see his pain.
Guilt hangs over,
like a cloud of rain.

You walk to him,
put your hands on his face.
Tears roll down,
from your tight embrace.

Pain in two,
sorrow in one.
You now regret,
what you've done.

The love now true,
that once was false.
You think about,
the friend he lost.

You want to stay,
but you know.
It will only bring hurt,
you must let go.

You walk away,
his heart's on the floor.
You step over it,
as you walk out the door.

You don't look back,
don't wipe your tears.
Take your blame,
accept your fears.

Never hear about,
the one who died.
Never see again,
the one you killed inside.

The hurt you caused,
you don't deny.
But the pain you feel,
you know you deserve so you don't ask why.
This is the first poem I wrote that was inspired, in some way, by a song.
This one was inspired by "Pride (In The Name Of Love)", by U2.