Black Orchid
Dark woman of night,
you are my captor.
Showed me false visions,
now I know what you're after.

You put me in chains,
that hang from the wall.
You handle me cruelly,
like I'm a rag doll.

You cause me pain,
you torture, you hurt.
You look onto me as a toy,
as I lay in the dirt.

As time passes,
I see something more.
My blood on your lips,
I now can ignore.

I see inside you a beauty,
one you don't show.
I've grown to want you,
of that you don't know.

I've noticed your pauses,
your stares of wonder.
Why I've not fallen,
by your whip that I'm under.

I feel no more pain,
your harsh words I don't hear.
Only a strange softness,
when you come near.

Unshackle, unchain,
let me touch you.
Weaken your clench,
let me have you.

Beauty in leather,
open your black orchid.
This one was originally a humorous poem, but, at the suggestion of a cousin,
I cut off the last two lines, changed the now last line, and made it serious.

The original poem was deceptive right up to the last line, which read, "I really need a shower."
I have misplaced my copy of the original, so I cannot offer all the unedited lines.