Wake Up!
The world crashes down with a careless sigh.
The crust of the earth flakes and blows away in the breeze.
People taunt life with an industrial stick.
Sit in your chair in comfort and wave it away with ease.
You watch it and listen and know it's not a lie.
So what, it won't happen to you, and the fuss is making you sick.

Wake up and look and see why you're ill.
All around are problems you caused, so see them for what they're worth.
Get up and put yourself to some good use.
It may not be effecting you, but you're not the only person on earth.
All the things that were, are problems still.
Soon you'll be feeling the abuse.
I wrote this one on Earth Day, though it may have been just a coincidence.

I was also more naive, then.  I'm all for ecological responsability, but the "problems" are super-hyped up.