Woman Without Whiskers
As we both sit in our big, favorite chair,
you in my lap and me stroking your long hair.

You wear it down, the way I love it,
run my fingers through and feel of it.

You lay your head on my shoulder and watch the rain,
it pours outside but content we remain.

Your arms around me, you lift your head,
I know what you're saying when there's not a word said.

I stare at the beautiful color of green in your eyes,
they're so sincere, they can hold no lies.

Then you smile and I simply melt,
you make me feel the warmest I've ever felt.

I put the back of my fingers against your cheek and gently caress,
soft and glowing and perfectly flawless.

You close your eyes and tilt your head,
though you prefer it under the chin instead.

Legs drawn up and full body against me,
I can't help but love someone so cuddly.

I take comfort in the light vibration of your chest when you purr,
and just holding you makes me feel secure.

I stop rubbing and you open your eyes and look into mine,
until our lips gently met, and the world about us showed no sign.

We separated and stared, offering each other a silent phrase,
then I lightly kissed your forehead after breaking the gaze.

Your head on my shoulder and ignoring the weather,
we fall asleep in the chair together.
This is a duplicitous poem.  Is she a human or a cat?
Actually, the title tells you she a human, but still.