The Colors Of Crystal Clarity
The roads are made of crystal.

They turn and wind, and intertwine; go over and under.

They curve with no corners.

The people walk barefoot everywhere;
on the crystal roads, on the flat crystal fields.

People live and walk above and below each other.

There are crystal buildings where people go,
to trade and sell and look through paneless windows.

There are no houses; business is the only "inside".

Everything is crystal but the people and their food.

And in the center of this crystal globe there is a sphere of energy.

A living energy that is the light, the weather, and the gravity.

There is always a soothing, cool breeze that keeps everyone comfortable.

At dawn the light is a lovely red, reflecting softly through everything.

Throughout the day; red, green, yellow, orange, and every color imaginable.

Except purple.

At dusk the lovely colors change to purple.

Soft and deep to let them sleep.

Purple to let the people sleep.

To sleep until the crystal glows red.
This poem is supposed to be imagined literally. It was an idea I had.