That's Life
January, February, March, April,
May fools dance around you with jingley hats,
stand in your food atop your table,
and bap your head with belfry bats.

June, July in your bed and try to sleep,
and in August of wind they blow party horns in your ears.
They go bowling with your counted sheep,
September, October shout annoying cheers.

Balance on your shoulders to juggle,
colorful plastic balls and melons.
November, use your complaints to gargle,
your fingers as hankies, and toss your pelicans.

They spring from inside your refrigerator when you open it,
jump on your shirt front, and stick your banana with pins.
They practice acrobatics over your head while you sit,
so December to lock your doors, or they'll bring their friends.
Well, that's just silly.

It was supposed to be a play on the names of some of the months, but it did not work very well on a couple of the ones I tried.

Wacky.  Zainy.  Goofy.
I guess it wasn't JUST silly after all.  HAHAHAHAHA!