Children Of The Dripping Moon
The sun slowly falls on the horizon,
as the Master of the Sky gives up its position.

It sinks into the ocean causing its fire to grow dim,
causing the clouds above us to change color on a whim.

We watch the sun set and let time pass,
while sitting on the beach in a soft patch of grass.

Cool wind blowing ripples into the sea,
something I can truly enjoy when you are with me.

The sun disappears with the sudden taste of your lips,
and I shiver like the water against your fingertips.

The moon rises and takes the sky,
and gives us the only light we need to see by.

Though I cover you under the moon that drips lust and love,
we both get wet with what falls from above.

Bare flesh against flesh, the brush of our hips,
the slide of our hands, the tug of our lips.

We are the continuous roll and crash of the waves on the beach,
never having the other out of reach.

The never-ending rise and fall of the tide,
we are the waves personified.

Soon the moon goes to allow the day new,
but still we remain moist with the dew.