Sail Away
Once upon a time, in a land far away,
a boat set sail from a dock on the bay.

The only thing wrong with what was happening,
was that in this boat lay a stowaway napping.

Unknowing of this the boat continued its way,
rolling happily in a wavy sway.

The stowaway awakened and squinted at the sky,
grinned contentedly and greeted the birds that flew by.

This startled the boat and caused it to lunge,
and the stowaway almost took a plunge.

The boat saw the stowaway who was very plain,
and was surprised to see it was a drop of rain.

They traded hellos and continued on,
talked of where they are going a where they had gone.

The drop saw an island mountain top,
and asked the boat if they could stop.

The boat pulled ashore and asked the drop why,
and the drop replied he was feeling a little dry.

The drop took a dip in a nearby oasis,
while the boat talked to trees with happy faces.

They all said good-bye when the drop was finished,
and the boat was happy that the drop was replenished.

Together they journeyed for lands far away,
and the raindrop was with the boat to stay.
This one is a little bit inspired by Enya's "Orinoco Flow", but it's mainly a children's poem.