The Retaking
We were driven away,
from our beloved homeland.
Because we were too cowardly,
to take a stand.

Forced to live under ground,
in dark, muddy pits.
Where we huddled together,
and helped each other keep our wits.

For many years,
we have remained hidden.
In these holes in the ground,
that are mouse ridden.

We salvage the food,
that they have wasted.
And memories of disease,
and stench we have tasted.

Though many have died,
we still grew in number.
And in passing years,
we have become stronger.

Our anger inside,
borne a longed for revenge.
And our people learned courage,
learned not to cringe.

We all worked together,
and learned how to fight.
To take back our homes,
to defend what is right.

So that we may,
no longer hide.
And regain that which,
we have been denied.

To rise out of the dark,
with the freedom to live.
To take what is ours,
the things they wouldn't give.

We will bring them down,
make them fall at our feet.
Fearing both us,
and the maker they will meet.

We will destroy them,
and the evil they have brought.
And then claim victory,
of the battle to be fought.

They will bow to our will,
as we once did to theirs.
When our minds trembled,
at their piercing stares.

No longer shall we hide,
in fear of their power.
For we are now strong,
and our revenge shall tower.
I imagine this in a fantasy setting- orcs and such.

FYI: I don't condone revenge.  Revenge is for the weak.

That is to say, only the weak seek revenge.