Breeze Through The Window
I see the silhouette,
of you in the window.
Illuminated behind you,
the moon casts your shadow.

You move slowly toward me,
and as you do.
Your enamored body language,
writes a billet-doux.

You stand at the foot of the bed,
then you start to climb over.
Careful not to touch just yet,
for the moment you just hover.

I feel your breath against my skin,
and smell your body in the air.
An alluring aphrodisiac,
that has caught me unaware.

Not of your presence,
but of your energy.
Your ability to foment,
fills me with ecstasy.

Your face above mine,
I look into your eyes.
I see your lascivious thoughts,
not to my surprise.

Our eyes close on there own,
and the force is too much.
I feel a great intensity,
then our lips touch.

Only a simple connection,
but such power you emanate.
The seduction you elicit,
no one could sedate.

You lift your head,
and sit astride.
Place your hands on my chest,
and let them glide.

Your soothing caress,
as indulging as your lips.
My entire body,
your candescent fingertips.

Both feeling it,
our lips beg for more.
Kissing again,
let my hands explore.

Your sinuous body,
an exotic fetish.
Part of the synergism,
that does not want to diminish.

You move in compliance,
and now supine.
You wait for the imminent,
and control is mine.

The taste of your flesh,
an immaculate pleasure.
Hear your sensuous reply,
with every inch I measure.

The sounds of your ascent,
as your bosom feels my breath.
The exploration of your own,
felt from beneath.

In the security,
of your hand's embrace.
Your plane of flesh,
an indulging surface.

A growing thirst,
from how warm this place is.
Across a desert,
seeking an oasis.

A tender plunge,
in the sultry heat.
A revitalized flower,
smelling sweet.

You hold my head,
and bring it to yours.
Final kisses,
while opening doors.

Impel remaining efforts,
pressures of strain.
We coalesce,
in our own domain.

An uncontrollable feeling,
and a shrill of release.
The smell of sweat,
and the bumpy descent to peace.

You lay by my side,
in my embrace.
Affection in your eyes,
and on your face.

I kiss you again,
and taste your salty lips.
And the light caresses,
of your finger's tips.

Close your eyes,
feeling content.
We both go to sleep,
and remember the time we spent.

All the years together,
all the nights of passion.
And knowing that together,
we will continue on.

But for tonight,
we are happy to know.
We are being cooled together,
by the breeze through the window.
I poured through a dictionary for this one and found a few words I never knew existed.
I was also pleased to have written a poem that long.