To Touch
You stand before me, so close, so real,
I reach out and try to touch.
But my hand passes through you,
and it hurts so much.

When you fade away,
and I'm left alone.
I drop to my knees,
again on my own.

You're like a vision,
a desert mirage.
Something to lead me,
a distant visage.

You lift my spirits,
carry them into the air.
Then you let go,
leaving me to stare.

We never can touch,
but you hold on so tight.
My heart is twisted,
by an internal fight.

I speak to you,
but you remain silent.
Why do you do this,
what has it meant.

An intangible being,
taunting my feelings.
Playing my emotions,
with unrevealed meanings.

Every day you appear,
and I stand before you.
Wishing to touch,
wanting to feel you.

You reach out your hand,
and I raise my own.
As we almost touch,
I find myself alone.

In my dreams you stand,
in the distance and call.
No matter how long I run,
we don't move at all.

You enter my thoughts,
and I lose control.
I do anything I can,
I try to be whole.

To fill this void,
this gap in my heart.
Your touch could fill it,
or at least start.

Come to me,
hold me in your arms.
Become the part of me,
that will calm my raging storms.

Enter my life,
as a solid being.
Not an out of reach,
vision I'm seeing.

A person I can hold,
that I can be with.
And spend the rest of our lives,
together in happiness.

So I can stop crying,
stop feeling lonely.
So I may be content,
and stop saying if only.

Then you appear,
and I reach out my hand.
I almost feel you,
then alone I stand.

I almost touched you,
I'm getting closer.
I've got to keep trying,
and wait for the answer.

But how long can I wait,
before I accept defeat.
Before I die waiting,
for our flesh to meet.
Oh, the agony.

This poem reminds me if the times I dreamt I was actually with a mate.
It's a terrible thing to have to wake up from those dreams too soon, which is always.
But this poem was written long before I had any of those dreams.