U2 Around The World
You know it's no secret,
and it's no lie that they fly,
and shine like a star burning up high.

Bono's voice, The Edge's guitar,
Adam's bass, and Larry's drums,
boomin' from their German car.

These four,
they're gonna make you sing.
Like Pepsi,
they're even better than the real thing.

Four wild horses with mysterious ways,
they're like one but they're not the same.
They share their fabulous masterpieces,
one with Achtung Baby for a name.

Waiting at the station, or in a crowded street,
in a parked car, or dancin' at their feet.
They'll keep goin' until the end of the world,
and give you everything you ever wanted in a song.

So until that time comes around,
you can keep singin' along.
Despite anything good that might be gleaned from this poem,
it is very high on my list of my most embarassing poems.
It may even be #1.

This is the kind of crap that can result from trying to build a poem,
instead of letting one write itself through you- the way all poems should come to life.

I was trying to write a poem using ONLY titles and lines from U2 songs.  I failed miserably.

Oh, and by the way, COKE SUCKS!  PEPSI RULES!