Guilt: Self Serve
You sit looking out the window,
and it hurts me to see you like this.
Rarely you talk or eat,
you're just floating in your own abyss.

This pain you're suffering,
you've carried for so long.
It wells inside you as you think,
about what you did wrong.

You tried to escape your guilt,
but this guilt does not let go.
It holds on tight,
and continues to grow.

That day is in the past,
but you relive it every day.
I try to convince you it's over,
but you don't hear a thing I say.

You escaped the punishment they would have given,
if they would have known.
But it would have been nothing in comparison,
to this punishment of your own.

You took one man's life,
and another man's spirit.
Then you heard that,
he couldn't live without it.

You feel responsible for him as well,
that you have both of their blood on your hands.
And you see it only fitting,
that your life and spirit hang only by strands.

I try to help you,
but you won't talk to me.
You won't tell me why you did it,
and I don't know what the reason could be.

You're locked up in this solomn state,
behind bars of despair.
Being tortured by your own guilt,
and you don't seem to care.

I wish you would come out of this,
I need you back with me.
I'm slowly losing touch with you more,
but you don't seem to see.

I care too much for you,
to let you slip away.
You're hurting us both inside,
more and more every day.

I'm handling this the best I can,
but I'm starting to wonder.
How long will it be,
before our lives go asunder.

Leave your despair,
come out of this pit you're in.
Try to forgive yourself a little,
and let your life begin.
This is a sequel to "What You Did",
though I do not recall if I meant for it to be when I first started writing it.