She Moves
Walking in the moonlight,
she's coming to you.
She's in the air,
all around you.

Look up at her,
with open arms.
Dancing in the sand,
as she storms.

Smile at her,
let her fall.
Shout out loud,
so she'll hear your call.

Let her cover you,
and hold on tight.
Grip your body,
with all her might.

Love her, hold her,
take her in.
Touch her all over,
let her cleanse.

From the sky,
she waits to embrace you.
The night's ocean breeze,
blows her against you.

Kisses you quickly,
again and again.
Caresses your face,
when her fingers begin.

She brings you to her knees,
then lays you down.
She's all over you,
and she's heard all around.

Drink her in,
when she kisses your lips.
Kiss her back,
and take her in sips.

She's making love,
and she's under your skin.
And she's never stopping,
until the end.
A little bit of inspiration from the song, "Mysteriou Ways", by U2,
but mainly it's a Lady Rainfall-ish poem.