Hearts Of Men
don't you cry,
'cause you're getting
another chance to try
again, baby.

No more lies,
you've been falling
like the tears
in your eyes.

Maybe, you'll be
able to say
you're sorry for
treating him that way.

Tell me,
while in bed you lay
do you think of him
and what you'll say.

I know,
he'll be with you again
because love can remain
in the hearts of men.

So smile,
as I lift up your chin
and trust in what I say
'cause I know where you've been.

Trust me.
This one is sort of written to the song, "Love Is On The Way", by Saigon Kick.

I don't really like this poem.  I really despise that use of the word, "baby".
I despise pet names in general:
baby, honey, sweetie, suger, darling,
and the myriad of other ones there are from which to choose