Private Reality
I'll take you in my arms,
and we'll go beyond reality.
To an unknown place,
just for you and me.

A place where we,
don't need to use names.
Where our minds connect,
to be one in the same.

Words of passion,
we need not use.
They get in the way,
of me kissing you.

Every touch,
a vibration.
Every movement,
intense friction.

The air ripples,
as does the flesh.
The scent becomes heavy,
as the skins mesh.

Feeling each other's emotions,
and going twice as high.
Something similar to relief,
with no time for a sigh.

Where we don't need to see,
because there is no light.
And what we are feeling,
can't be offered by sight.

A place that carries no sound,
we don't need ears to hear.
We are sharing emotions,
and our feelings are clear.

We are meant to be together,
and our emotions are strong.
Together in our own reality,
we stay where we belong.
It's a little song-like in some places.