Lady Of The Flame
You dance on a volcano,
hold its fire in your hand.
It flames from your fingertips,
and the heat from you expands.

Rocks melting with your touch,
the colors orange and red remain.
And the fire within you boils hotter,
as you lay on your bed of flames.

Walking to me, I see you shine,
bringing light into the dark.
Then a fire you ignite within me,
with just a single spark.

Lava flows within you,
running through your veins.
With your touch it enters me,
and a scent of liquid flesh remains.

I feel you inside of me,
a molten pool around your feet.
You walk through me and I surround you,
and share each other's heat.

As the liquid flows within the mountain,
and the fires grow beneath.
The great eruption covers all,
with a fiery, liquid sheath.
I had Lady Rainfall for water, and then I came up with this one for fire.
Unfortunately, no series developed from it.
I had some hopes, but I was not about to try to force anything.