With A Cherry On Top
The gift of your presence,
made sweeter by your lips.

Your lips that kiss,
and give me life.

Their taste and touch,
as strong as such,
a tongue that moistens,
I love so much.

Your tongue that licks,
my fingertips,
that touch your lips,
and arms and hips.

That brush your hair,
from in front of your eyes.

Your eyes that open,
and look into mine,
which see the lust,
you hold in your mind.

Your mind that craves,
that only love saves,
and keeps it from drowning,
in passionless waves.

Your mind that with your body,
touches me.
That touches my body,
so wantingly.

Your body, your hair,
your legs, your lips,
your hands, your tongue,
and fingertips.

Your lust reaches out,
from deep inside,
and touches me,
not wanting to hide.

The sweet lust,
I taste on your lips,
that are moistened,
by your tongue.

Your kissing lips,
that give me life.
That make me glad,
that you're the one.

The one I kiss,
and that I love.
Something like stream of thought poetry.