Speak Not
I hold you not before me and look upon you,
but near me, against my body,
and feel your every breath as if it were my own.

And speak not the words of Love and Joy,
when their presence is already known.

For we needn't words with eyes that can see,
fingers that can touch, and emotions that can be shared.

Words are but distractions and can be misunderstood.

Love is not an object to be placed and described,
but an emotion to be felt and enjoyed.

With my lips I kiss, with my hands I touch,
and with my eyes I tell you all there is.

I look not upon you, but within you.

I hold you near, for your body tells me true.

Love speaks no words.

Love cannot lie.

I needn't say I love you,
when I can look into your eyes and show you.

When I can hold you close and let you feel it.

When the silence about us flows with it.
Beware anyone who frequently says "I love you",
and beware anyone one who frequently wants to hear it.

The more you use a word, the less valuable it becomes.

Don't say it.  Just be it.