Blind, Hot And Heavy
The room is filled with a darkness that wraps around you,
complete and uncut by the smallest slice of light.

The air presses heavily with the thoughts of two people,
and you feel the warmth more intensely from the lack of sight.

The body of the woman next to you gives off heat like a fire,
that carries a sensual smell that almost makes you sweat.

As you reach your hand closer to her you feel the heat increase,
your fingers are licked by searing flames until the flesh has met.

Your hand blindly alights on top of her burning thigh,
the enhanced sense of touch reveals its exact contour.

Her skin is much softer and smoother than the sheet you lay upon,
and her muscles quiver as your fingers and palm move over.

As your hand glides slowly upward you can hear every breath,
the quick rush of air that passes between her lips as she inhales.

The rush of the exhale is broken by the slight jerking of her lips,
and the small spasms in her stomach that you feel in detail.

Here you feel the intense heat welling deep within her,
like the smooth, flat surface of a desert and her ribs like a dune.

Your fingertips move gently over each ripple causing her to shiver,
as she lays eagerly waiting for what is to happen soon.

Each breath she takes becomes shorter and deeper than the one before,
the rise and fall of her chest gradually quickens and you feel a faint heartbeat.

The vibrations become more distinct as you move closer,
then a slight jump, and you hear her gasp as your fingers and tender flesh meet.

Your thumb moves gently across the soft underside of her breast,
then upward to the rapidly stiffening center that lies atop.

You tease her with a circling, feather-like touch,
then you wrap your hand around her breast and hold it in a secure cup.

Squeezing lightly you hear her reaction then feel her hand cover yours,
pulling it over giving you no choice but to move above her body.

You follow each warm, caressing breath to her open lips,
which press firmly to yours and beg for your tongue madly.

One hand holds the back of your head while the other searches,
for the intense heat that will set a raging fire inside.

She holds you and kisses and draws you closer to your destination,
as you move with her willingly and against her thighs your legs slide.

You are overcome by tension and spasms as your ears fill with her cries,
as she tightens around you and pulls you closer unable to get enough.

You feel vulnerable but surrounded by a shield, blind but seeing many things,
torn between energy rushes and sedation, and can't tell what's soft and rough.

You both breath heavily and the air seems thicker and hotter than before,
giving your sweating bodies an animalistic smell that fills the room.

As your spasms decrease and your energy is dissolved with one last burst,
you fall forward onto her body and let the aftermath consume.

Your body moves up and down as both chests heave, trying to catch your breaths,
and her hand falls limply on the back of your head as she attempts to kiss you.

As you attempt to return her kisses, you taste the salty sweat all over,
that causes her skin to stick to yours and makes one body out of two.

What little cool air their is flows over your wet, burning body,
and the rhythm of her breathing carries you to a peaceful quietness.
In the words of one reader:

"I don't know if this is poetry or pornography."