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All the below is as of March 25, 2011.

General Description

gender: Male

date of birth: March 26, 1975  (Aries) (Rabbit)
date of death: pending

city of birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
city of death: pending

height: a little over 5' 7"
weight: somewhere in the vacinity of 180 lbs
waist: 47 inches

hair: brown and shaved as short as the electric clippers can get it
eyes: hazel or green
skintone: not quite pale, not quite tan

e-mail: humanimal at lycos dot com
General Favorites

favorite colors:
Black , Blue , and Purple , in that order.

favorite food (country):

favorite soft drink:
root beer

favorite candy:
M&M's or Snickers

favorite season:

favorite public attire to wear:
black cargo pants/shorts
black t-shirt
black work/hiking boots
black leather cap (when it's cold)
black hoody (if need be) with a black leather jacket (if need be)

Favorite Music

80's music and techno mixes thereof

Ayumi Hamasaki (MySpace)
Bauhaus (MySpace)
Cibo Matto (MySpace)
Dire Straits
Donna Lewis
Faye Wong (MySpace)
Fiona Apple (MySpace)
Frou Frou (MySpace)
Garbage (MySpace)
Genitorturers (MySpace)
Hungry Lucy
Jack Off Jill (MySpace)
Kelli Ali (MySpace)
KMFDM (MySpace)
Lindi Heart
Love and Rockets
Mazzy Star
Métisse (MySpace)
New Young Pony Club (MySpace)
Nina Simone
Nine Inch Nails (earlier stuff)
Puffy AmiYumi (MySpace)
Sarah Brightman
Sarah McLachlan (MySpace)
Smoke City
Snake River Conspiracy (MySpace)
Sophie B. Hawkins (MySpace)
Switchblade Symphony (MySpace)
Taylor Dayne (MySpace)
techno-opera / techno-classical
The Bangles (MySpace)
The Cure
The Ramones
Tobey Torres (MySpace)
Tre Lux (MySpace)
Vanessa-Mae Nicholson (MySpace)
Favorite Movies

Chungking Express
Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon
Fallen Angels
Feast (trilogy)
Fight Club
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
House of Flying Daggers
Kick Ass
Kung Fu Hustle
Leon: The Professional
Lord of the Rings (all)
Lost In Translation
Requiem For A Dream
Resident Evil (all)
Ringu 2
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Shinobi: Heart Under Blade
Snow Falling On Cedars
St. Trinian's
The Blood Of Heroes
The Crow
The Eye
The Eye 2
The Fifth Element
The Matrix (all and Animatrix)
The Princess Bride
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Terminator (all)
The Transporter
X-Men (all)
What The Bleep Do We Know?
Favorite TV Shows

Breakout Kings

Mr. Sunshine
No Ordinary Family

Pretty Little Liars
The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Being Human (U.K. version)
Doctor Who
The Graham Norton Show
The Inbetweeners
The Nerdist

Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist

Nick Swardson's Pretend Time
Ugly Americans

The Secret Circle
The Vampire Diaries

Penn & Teller Tell A Lie

Wizards Of Waverly Place

Naruto Shippuden

Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld
  (Princess Jack (aka Rachel Jean) on Red Eye Oct. 30, 2010)

American Dad
Family Guy
Human Target
Lie To Me
New Girl
Terra Nova
The Cleveland Show
The Simpsons


American Horror Story

G4's Proving Ground
It's Effin' Science
Web Soup

Transformers Prime

Death Valley
Teen Wolf

America's Got Talent
The Cape
The Event

The Troop

Dragonball Z Kai

Dark Matters: Twisted But True
Stuck With Hackett

1,000 Ways To Die

Being Human (U.S. version)
Paranormal Witness
Warehouse 13


Young Justice


Burn Notice

Favorite Authors

( I used to read Dean Koontz , back when he still used the R, and some Piers Anthony,
but I've lost interest in everyone except...

Eric Van Lustbader:
Black Heart, Sirens, The Ninja, The Miko, Shiro Ninja, The Kaisho, Floating City, Second Skin

Poppy Z. Bright:
Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, Wormwood, Love In Vein 1 & 2, Lazeras Heart, and some short stories
(I don't have as much interest in Poppy as I used to. I pretty much stick to Eric)

I think everyone should read Hagakure

Diggable Chicks

  I make a chick list every few years, or so.

  My chick list is basically females whom I find especially fascinating, for one reason or another.

  Names come and go as new chicks are discovered, and as I lose interest in them, but I have added only one new name, lately, though a number have dropped off.

  What I find particularly interesting is what names actually HAVE stood the test of time.

  These are people that I would actually like to talk to for a few hours, and not as a fan, but out of curiosity about what it is about them that has kept them on the list for so long.

  You can trust that it is their personalities that have kept them on the list.

Dina Meyer     First seen (by me) and mildly noticed in Johnny Mnemonic.  Noticed again in Starship Troopers.  Later, Birds of Prey and some other less interesting stuff/roles.

From her I just get the sense of a strong, unpretentious woman.  She seems to have an inner strength that is rare in celebrities.

Gabrielle Anwar     First seen (by me) in the movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.  Later enjoyed in Body Snatchers (remake), a few other less interesting things, and currently in Burn Notice.

I'm not too keen on how skinny she is, but she's also buff, so I'm a little conflicted.  Excellent breasts, though.

Samantha Mathis     I don't remember in what I first saw or noticed her, but perhaps most famously in Pump Up The Volume.  Have seen her in some other less interesting things, including Broken Arrow.

What a peculiar physical specimen.  I've seen her look beautiful, and I seen her look... well, just weird, but there's sonething about ther personality that draws me.

Vanessa Marcil     First seen and noticed as the host of a long gone show called In Concert, that featured music concerts.  Has been in the tv shows, General Hospital and Las Vegas (did not watch either, except a couple of episodes of the latter).

I'm not calling her perfect, but she's pretty darn close.  She is beauty to the bone as much now as the first time I saw her.

Victoria Pratt     First seen in the Hurculese (or was it Xena) series, but first really noticed in Cleopatra2525.  Later in Mutant X.  Don't remember what she's doing now, but it's not something I care anough about to watch.

In terms of the whole package (or what I know of it), she's my favorite female celebrity ever, although I think her breasts are a weird shape.  I read some interviews and web chats she did, and there was nothing I didn't like, and that's saying something.

Lena Headey     A little apart from the others, for reasons unsure.  First seen and noticed in a british comedy movie, The Parole Officer.  Later saw her in The Brothers Grimm, without realizing that I'd seen her before.  The Sarah Connor Chronicles sealed the deal, and I STILL initially did not realize I'd seen her before.

I know there is something special about an actress or model when I can see her on various ocassions, each time thinking I'm seeing her for the first time, and be notably attracted each time.

She's actually a relatively new addition to the list, which is why she in not in order with the rest of them.  She's got to pay her dues, so to speak.

I don't like that she has tattoos, but she seems to exude strength.

Rhona Mitra     Don't recall where I first saw or noticed her, but it was Beowulf that really made me take serious interest.

Most of the time, when I'm able to see before and after instances of female celebrities that have had breast implants, I think that they did not actually make themselves look better.

Very sad to say that she's actually the exception.  I think she may have gone slightly too large, but from what I could tell of her prior, she did seem a bit out of proportion with her small breasts.

She's been on the list much longer than Lena Headey, but I still have her at the end, because she's pretty much only just on the list for the fact that I know so very little about her.

Rachel Jean     She's not officially on the Chick List, simply because I do not know enough about her, but I do want to introduce her to you.

I first noticed her on the tv show, Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld.  In 2008 and 2010, she appeared in costume on Halloween as the character, Princess Jack (love the name).  She looked pretty cool in 2008, but she looked awesome in 2010.

When I could finally get a copy of that episode on my computer, I edited it down to just her, and then fine-tuned it so that dialogue would flow better.  I uploaded it to YouTube and added annotations to make it more amusing to watch.

You may watch it HERE, but because the annotations don't really get started until a little way in, I do request that you don't stop after only 20 seconds, if you do happen to not enjoy it right away.

Anyway, she is so freakin' cute.  She also has no tattoos or piercings, which are 2 big plusses in my book.

Yukie Nakama     I don't really consider her officially on the list either, for lack of knowledge, but from what I have seen, the seems like an very, genuinely kind and sweet person.

As appearances go, she seems to be someone who can't looked bad, though I've seens some pictures of her in make-up that did not appeal to me personally.

These are some choice pictures of her.

yukie_nakama_1_01 yukie_nakama_1_02 yukie_nakama_1_03 yukie_nakama_1_04 yukie_nakama_1_05 yukie_nakama_1_06 yukie_nakama_1_07 yukie_nakama_1_08 yukie_nakama_2_01 yukie_nakama_2_02

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