This section focuses on my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and dreams that I have had.


  One thing that has been a significant influence on me is the book, Hagakure.

  I have compiled a number of quotes from the book, that I have found particularly meaningful, or in some cases, very amusing.


  I have a fondness for sleeping. This is not out of laziness, but instead because I enjoy seeing my dreams.

  They are entertaining, but I also like the exploration and observation of my own mind.

  Not to mention that, because of a certain degree of ability to control my dreams, I can sometimes actively partake in them.

  I have written down some of my more fascinating dreams, and some of them have been interpretted.

  Enterpretted or not, I think you will find them very interesting.


  I'm a member of MySpace, and I like blogging.

  I have included, on this site, copies of my contemplative entries regarding a variety of topics.

  Feel free to look at those, and I always welcome discussion and the opinions of others, so if you disagree with something I've said, and would like to voice that, then I welcome you to comment at my blog or just e-mail me.  (see Realm of Host)

  If you do e-mail me, then be sure to make the subject of the message something obviously not S.P.A.M., or it might get deleted, because I rarely open S.P.A.M.

  And please be objective. Irrational, emotional, excessively subjective people are useless for a discussion.

Here's some quotes of mine.

My feminine side keeps fondling my inner-child, and he likes it.

You can move either with the universe or against it, but if you choose to move against it, then don't complain about the friction.

I ate the VEGAN's high-horse.

Anyone can make you a subject, but only you can make you a victim.

Victim is a state of mind, not a state of being.

There's no good reason to feel insulted by anything.  The truth is to be accepted, opinions are to be gathered, and lies are to be ignored.

The only reason you'd want to change something is if you don't like the way it is.

Never underestimate the value of shutting the hell up.

I'm gonna come back there and separate you two, and I don't mean from each other.

Move it one inch closer, and I'll make it one inch shorter.

Don't think I won't eat you.

If you're not thinking like a predator, then you're thinking like prey.

The Truth does not care what you think about itself.

If life was easy, I'd be finished with it by now.  (may not actually be originally from me)

Life is fair.  People just take it the wrong way.

Time spent thinking about one thing is time spent not thinking about another.

The best husband is not a warrior, and the best warrior is not a husband.  The best mother is not a businesswoman, and the best businesswoman is not a mother.

If you're trying to be a businesswoman and a mother, then you're doing two jobs half-assedly.

Always welcome, with open arms, the opportunity to be proven wrong.

If you can't beat them, confuse them.

A wise person learns from their mistakes.  A wiser person knows enough not to make them to begin with.

I'm not anti-social.  I'm just not that casually interested.

If the shoe doesn't fit, then quit trying to wear it.

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