I have a bit of and interest in architecture and design.
Sometimes I imagine an interesting layout for a house, and then I'll make a simple floorplan.
Here are some that I made.  Enjoy.
All of the floorplans are to scale.  One pixel = 1 inch, unless otherwise stated.
If I'm not mistaken, if printed, 1/4 inch = 1 foot.
The point is that they are precise, actually usable, and in most cases, furnished to some extent.

House #1

Intended to be economical.
For single inhabitant or a cozy relationship.

This is a large family house.
Well... large house - small family.

House #2

first floor

second floor

House #3

An apartment that was in a dreams I had.
The bedrooms are actually stalls, but there are six of them.
You sleep on the floor, BTW.

House #4

A beach house that is mostly over the water.
Good for a single or a cozy couple.
It's got a hole in the floor going to the ocean water.

House #5

This house is good for a couple.
It's a little odd, because I was working with a limited size and shape,
and I designed the whole thing around the master bathroom.

House #6

This is actually a college dorm.
It started as a fantasy, but I found the building layout so neat that I wanted to put it to paper.
It did not translate exactly, but it's still cool looking.

A nifty two-bedroom loft apartment.

House #7

east wall
start here for this house
first floor second floor

Bedroom #1

A very large bedroom from a fantasy.
It's something more suited to a castle than a house.

Bedroom #2

I think this one is pretty cool.
It's a master bedroom/bathroom combo.
Trying to pack a lot into a small space without being cramped.

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